Avon {treat your feet} #SAGE2012

I was never one to do things JUST to get a guy to like me….buuuuut I am guilty of buying a foot scrub and lotion just so I could bring up the subject around my now husband. I knew he was big on soaking his feet {had the nice feet to prove it} and I had always enjoyed doing it, but I also wanted to plant that small bug in his ear.

It worked.

We don’t always do it as often as we should, but we have always enjoyed taking the time to soak and pamper our feet. As a result, I am always on the lookout for great scrubs and lotions. A couple of years ago I purchased the Avon Footworks in Watermelon and I LOVE it. Of course it helps that I love the smell of watermelon {I am very smell oriented}…and at the time it came with an adorable inflatable watermelon shaped soaking tub…but I also just love this product.

And coming from a company that has been in business for over 125 YEARS with a deep focus on women, it must have some ability to make a great and effective product. Wouldn’t you say?

And now you can try it for yourself! Kelly Genert, independent representative for Avon wants one lucky winner to try out the entire Footworks collection in Mocha! That’s a $40 value…plus the value of pretty feet {which let’s be honest, has no price}!

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11 thoughts on “Avon {treat your feet} #SAGE2012

  1. Lydia Spencer Fredin

    I’d love to try the Naturals Kids Swirling Strawberry Body Wash and Bubble Bath ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tara R

    Haha – I own the Edmonton Oilers Toaster – got it for my hubby for christmas and my son calls it his “hockey toast”!

  3. Stephanie Warthe

    Ooooh, this sounds amazing!!! I definitely need a spa treatment, my skin is pretty nasty these days, haha. Fingers crossed!

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