Variety Is The Spice Of Life

I was asked to be join Brooklyn and her class on a fieldtrip today. Going for the entire day meant packing enough for the two of us to eat lunch AND a snack. I thrive on variety, particularly when I am trying to eat healthier {even though I’m craving a Whopper right now….sigh}. I find it makes the choices easier and results in a more satisfying meal all around.

So this morning as I was packing our food I was getting excited. I may love food too much, but it certainly paid off!

Clearly this is not a fabulous or stylized photo….and I’m sorry for that, but let’s get back to the point shall we?

First of all, hidden behind the bag of popcorn is a baggie with a wrap I made for Brooklyn. Whole Wheat Tortilla Shell, little mayo, cucumbers, lettuce, and grated cheese {a little}. Delish and one of her faves!

For my main course I had tortilla chips and salsa 🙂 Then I had sugar snap peas, watermelon, popcorn, rice sticks, and a nectarine. I also had a granola bar {for Brooklyn though she never ate it}, a fruit leather {also not eaten},  sliced cucumbers {seasoned with pepper and garlic sea salt – both from Epicure}, an apple {I ate it at snack}, and two juice boxes for Brooklyn {on top of her water bottle}.

It was awesome and delicious and the perfect variety. And it provided enough food to keep me well energized throughout the day.

What are some of your favorite snacks?

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